Patsy’s Christmas Trifle

There’s nothing terribly complex about the annual Christmas Trifle – sponge cake, custard, whipped cream and jelly – but gosh it tastes fantastic.

Ever since mum died forty years ago, Patsy (not her real name, a nickname since she was born on St Patrick’s Day) has been “in charge” of Christmas lunch. It’s a fairly traditional meal of roast meats and vegetables, Christmas pudding and, of course, trifle.

This video was captured this morning.

An interesting an odd combination of things, but trifle has been my favourite desert since childhood.

After a couple of hours in the fridge, the sponge cake has pretty much absorbed the custard and cream.

There were no “seconds” for anyone today.

The only thing that was really different about Christmas this year was Pat’s decision that “everyone can serve themselves”. Ordinarily, she would be quite painstaking in serving everyone individually. But she’s getting a bit older now, and decided cooking the meal was enough this year. As for the washing up? That’s been everyone else’s responsibility for many years.

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