Lismore Scenes

With many thanks to my relative, Peter, a bunch of black and white family photographs from the 1960s.

I’d never seen these photographs before until Pete sent them through a few days, part of the collection of his late mother.

They were all taken in the house where I was born, at 21 Kyogle Street, South Lismore.

Likely March 1965, as mum holds her first grandchild, Margaret. As daughter Margaret, and mother Bertha look on. I suspect that’s the father, Ray in the background. Check out the outdoor dunny!
Gloria washing her feet in the tubs, seated on the old washing machine and with a box of Rinso on top.
Looks like an old Ford, featuring Margaret and Patsy in the background.
Washing on the clothesline. You can likely see the family resemblance with Gloria.
Standing proud, protecting the wedding cake in April 1968

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