20 Years

I have nothing profound to say, except that today marks twenty years since I started this blog.

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  1. Mazal tov James. That’s certainly an achievement and shows real commitment.

      1. No need to be sorry James. You’ve got family in Lismore who are still trying to get back on their feet after a disastrous catastrophe, and you’ve got a busy job. More than enough to juggle I reckon. I’m never expecting a response. I had toyed with the idea of coming to Sydney for Vivid/Biennale but that’s not going to happen now. Hopefully in the spring.

  2. What an achievement. I’ve probably read most if not all of them though looking back I don’t think I’d read your post on WA Opera’s Faust. I was there too! Also at “Cinderella.”

    One thing on a quick review I was amused to detect emerging was your trademark style of a snippet of dialogue or a little situation as the opening hook. Earliest I spotted was your conversation with the taxi driver in Riga, and then it emerges more frequently from about late 2008. To me that marks the transition from a kind of web diary (where you often start with a straightforward description of the occasion of composition – eg “I’ve just finished packing up”) to a more artful “blog.”

    As they say: “Keep up the good work.”

    1. Thanks Marcellous. Lovely that you’ve noticed my “style”. Re the Faust/Cinderella. I remember chatting to a colleague a few years ago and he remembered we had gone to see Death in Venice at the SOH a few years ago. I had completely forgotten seeing that, until I checked my blog. Memories came flooding back. So yes, this will be good for older days too, when I can’t remember things as well. Which makes me think – I must go back and check out that taxi conversation. I remember one from Johannesburg, but not Riga!

  3. Congratulations! Thank you for always providing such interesting reading – the InformationSuperhighway is so much richer for having you in it!

    This prompted me to check mine – 18 years this month which is astonishing. And means I’ve been following your adventures for more than a third of our lives!

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