Ann Owens Old Bailey

711. ANN OWEN was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 4th of September, a gown, value 7 s. the property of John Hulme , privately in his shop .

JOHN HULME . I keep a pawnbroker’s shop, 181, High-street, Shadwell.

Q. Were you present when Ann Owen came into your shop – A. Yes. On the 4th of September, in the afternoon, when she came to the shop, she said, that she had lost the ticket of a gown, pledged for four shillings, in the name of Ann Owen . I desired my lad to look for it; there was no gown of that description. I immediately called the eldest lad, thinking the young lad might omit looking for it. He could not find any thing to answer the description; and then he went round the shop door; and said, Sir, there is a gown gone from the door. I had never left the shop at all.

Q. How soon was that after the prisoner had left the shop – A. About seven or eight minutes; I immediately sent him in search at a neighbouring pawnbroker’s. He found it at Mr. Bradley’s. I am sure it was within the door,

MR. BRADLEY. I live about twenty doors from Mr. Hulme. About two o’clock in the afternoon, on the 4th instant, the prisoner pledged this gown for five shillings. I am positive to the prisoner’s person. I produce the gown.

Mr. Hulme. It is my gown; it has my mark on it now.

Prisoner’s Defence. I was very much in distress. I applied to the parish to take my child; they refused. I have a bad state of health, and am very poor. I am not able to go to service.

Q. to Prosecutor. What is the prime cost of the gown – A. It stood me in nine shillings. I value it at seven shillings. It pledged at the next shop for five shillings.

GUILTY , DEATH , aged 25.

The prisoner was recommended to mercy by the jury, on account of her being distressed.

Second Middlesex jury, before Mr. Justice Heath.