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  • Australian Life

    Australian Life

    “At my funeral, can you take a photograph instead of having a guestbook?”, I asked my friend Sue on the weekend. “It’s always so hard thinking of what to say”, I added, noting it would be far more interesting and far easier just to take a photograph of everyone. The photograph of those attending the funeral of Martin Sharp was one of my favourites in this year’s “Art and About” “Australian Life” photographic competition.… Read the rest “Australian Life”

  • School Photographs

    School Photographs

    As we stood and waited in line, we laughed about some of our own experiences from many years ago of school photographs. “Which of us will need to sit down in front with their legs crossed?” we wondered. “Have you worn the proper school knickers”, I asked Sue, reminding her to “cross her legs” if she had to sit down the front.… Read the rest “School Photographs”

  • Public Art

    Public Art

    One of the great dilemmas of public art is the idea of what art you should put in public.

    Unfortunately, a lot of the major debates about art – in the newspapers at least – centres around extravagant, obscure, and expensive art works being placed in public spaces.

    I’m a great believer in all types of art being in public spaces, and as much as possible.… Read the rest “Public Art”