Life is a cabaret

I don’t remember exactly when I first saw the movie “Cabaret”, but it must have been when I was in my early teens (late 1970s). As a young “soon-to-be” gay boy living in a country town, it was life-changing.… Read the rest

Capsis at The Wharf

“I’m not sure I’d like to spend an evening over a few bottles of wine with him”, I joked to my friend, as we chatted over dinner, having seen Paul Capsis perform earlier in the night..… Read the rest

Live Shows Again

“It’s almost back to normal, though they say it will be 2025 before it’s really back to normal”, my next-door neighbour commented as we spoke today.

We often chat in the stairwell, or the common area, or outside the garbage room.… Read the rest

Matthew Mitcham

Matthew Mitcham

“Do you think he’s actually written the book himself?”, a colleague asked me the other day when I told her I’d been reading the Matthew Mitcham autobiography, “Twists & Turns”. “Oh yeah, absolutely”, I said.… Read the rest

Tim Draxl sings Chet Baker publicity shot

Tim Draxl sings Chet Baker

As soon as I saw it advertised, I booked tickets straight away. It was an evening at one of my favourite cabaret bars in Sydney – Bar Me – featuring one of my favourite cabaret singers – Tim Draxl – doing the works of one of my favourite jazz musicians – Chet Baker – so how could I go wrong?… Read the rest

Looks like the work of Luke Temby on the walls of Surry Hills

Sat On My Lap

As Kate and I walked around the streets of Chippendale, we noticed posters featuring artwork by Luke Temby.

I noticed another one tonight as I came home from dinner at Emad’s on Cleveland Street.… Read the rest