4A’s Twilight Garden Party

These are some photographs from the 4A Gallery Chinese NY Event at Sydney’s Chinese Garden of Friendship, held earlier tonight, featuring works by the visiting artist collective, Yangjiang Group. As noted by the burb on the 4A site… Celebrate the Chinese New Year with 4A and Chinese artist collective Yangjiang Group as they take over […]

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Packing Up

There was a slight tinge of sadness as we packed up the Chinese New Year Exhibition at Sydney Town Hall. Unlike setting up an exhibition which is all about the future, bumping out an exhibition is all about the end of something. My friend Kate has done an amazing job putting all this together, and […]

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Chinese Tripe

I have only vague memories of eating tripe as a child. Typically, it’s the food people of my age and background describe as the food “my parents made me eat”. I don’t have any such negative memories. I was always a bit of a “garbage guts” who would eat everything that was on offer. Liver? […]

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Kung Hei Fat Choi

“Kung Hei Fat Choi” is a Cantonese phrase which means “Happy New Year”. It’s just one of the phrases and things I’ve learned over the last few days working on a radio program to celebrate “Lunar New Year”. And I use the phrase “Lunar New Year” in preference to Chinese New Year (most commonly used […]

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Sundry Sunday

There are some days when I sit around doing, literally, nothing. I’m lucky if I leave the house. That was not the case today, with three activities scheduled. Kate and I caught up early this afternoon with a wander around Fair Day in mind. “It’s a great photographic opportunity” , we both agreed, with the […]

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Chinese New Year Parade

To be honest, I didn’t really enjoy the first Chinese New Year Twilight Parade in Sydney, although I’ve enjoyed the parades previously. It all seemed like it was just the daytime parade at night, as opposed to being a twilight parade. And by that I mean a parade which made the “most” of the evening […]

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