Lismore Floods

I don't really know what to say about the floods in Lismore, except they've had a deep impact on me, even though I'm many hundreds of kilometres away, and even though for the most part, I'm reasonably relaxed about floods at home, as I have written previously. "Yeah the river's up, but it's nothing to [...]

2012 Lismore Flood Photos

The Double Bridge in Lismore - minor flooding

The Weather Bureau is currently predicting a 7.2 metre flood peak at Lismore (my home town) tomorrow at 3.00pm. With all the heavy rain still forecast, it will probably go higher. Thought these pics might be useful to know what a 7m flood peak means. They were from January last year. Have also included some [...]

Rocky Creek Dam

Two weeks ago, when I was in Lismore we had a minor-moderate flood. There's a chance Lismore will flood again over the next few days at a moderate-major level. In anticipation, my niece, Karran went to the nearby Rocky Creek Dam and sent me some photographs to illustrate the depth of the storage at the [...]

The River’s Up

Carpark under water at the Wilsons River in Lismore

There was an additional activity to the usual Christmas Day routine in our family: we spent an hour or so driving around looking at the river. As a result of the constant rain of the last few days (weeks) the Wilson's River at Lismore has reached minor flood level. With more rain over the next [...]

Flood Friday

I made a brief return to the airwaves today, as part of ABC Radio's coverage of the North Coast floods. As a Lismore-boy, born and bred, and having lived through my fair share of floods, I have a reasonable knowledge of how the floods "work", and of the main indicators that you need to keep [...]

Flood Memories

In the last few days I've had quite a few emails, messages and phone calls from friends concerned about how my family have fared in the current floods. "That's not a flood", I've told them, "It's a high river. 74 - now that was a flood". At which point I've gone on to tell them [...]