The Disaster Files

In the weeks (and now months) since Nancy’s death (the reason I came back to Lismore), we’ve uncovered various bits and pieces of history. There are lots of photographs, a sprinkling of of newspaper clippings, and some interesting memorabilia. We’ve named the latest discovery, “The Disaster Files”, as it’s

Lismore Flood Stories

Every year in my hometown (Lismore) there’s at least one or two occasions when the Wilson’s River floods. The earliest “big flood” I recall was in March 1974 (when I was aged eight). For close to a week, our house was surrounded by flood water. There have been a

Lismore Floods

It’s about a year since the last big floods in Lismore (my home town) in Northern NSW. My sister’s house is on the left in the featured photograph, and the house on the right is one I considered buying a couple of years ago. I suspect the value of