Lismore Floods

It’s about a year since the last big floods in Lismore (my home town) in Northern NSW. My sister’s house is on the left in the featured photograph, and the house on the right is one I considered buying a couple of years ago. I suspect the value of the property is a fair deal LESS, now.

Lismore Flood 1

My family still has a nervy-ness about every time there’s talk of another flood coming. Though last year they didn’t listen to my advice to “get out while they could”, this time around they’re far more cautious. Every time it rains, I get a phone call, asking me for my “expert advice”.

Here’s some photographs taken by family members during the time which illustrate how close the waters either came into getting into their own homes, or the homes of other family members, and what it was like afterwards.

Lismore Flood 2

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  1. I don’t think that I could live in a flood prone locality. I admire the resilience of those who bounce back from these setbacks.

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