Convicts and Drunks

The digitised newspaper project from from the National Library of Australia (aka Trove) is awesome. I love it. I’ve known … More

Mum's Birthday 1984

Mum’s Birthday

As it’s my birthday, I went searching through my photographic archives for images from birthdays past. Oddly enough, I don’t … More

Empty 372 Bus in Sydney

Empty and Full

There was a moment earlier today when I was quite literally the only person (aside from the bus-driver) on a … More

The flood markers of South Lismore, not far from where my sisters both live.

Relaxed Holiday

For just a brief moment last night I thought we might have seen the start of “flood rain” here in … More

Mandarin Palace


There was a feeling of deja vu as we watched the “ethnic drumming” which opened the Tropical Fruits Film Festival … More

Christmas Eve housefire in South Lismore

Boxing Day

I feel sorry for the people who live in the house around the corner that burned down on Christmas Eve. … More