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  • Eyes glaze over when you talk about the floods

    Eyes glaze over when you talk about the floods

    “We’ll miss you when you go back”, Pat said to me last night. I’ve been home in Lismore for the last couple of weeks, and have really enjoyed being here. I’ll be back for Christmas, and maybe another trip before then.… Read the rest

  • The house that floated

    The house that floated

    “Have you been down the back laneway near Engine Street”, a family member asked me yesterday.

    The area of Crown Street and Engine Street, South Lismore was deeply impacted in the year’s catastrophic flood.… Read the rest

  • Six months later

    Six months later

    They seem to have either removed or painted over the 1974 flood signs in Lismore. The signs have been a constant reminder of the near record flood that engulfed Lismore. The 1954 flood was slightly higher and saw many more deaths.… Read the rest

  • North Coast Sounds

    North Coast Sounds

    I woke up this morning to the sound of a rooster crowing. I could also hear cattle and birds. So peaceful. And then I heard the sound of milking machines. Less peaceful.… Read the rest

  • South Lismore Public School

    South Lismore Public School

    I still remember the sounds of the pile drivers as they constructed the “new buildings” for South Lismore Public School.

    And when I say “new buildings”, the “new school” was opened in 1978, the year I started high school.… Read the rest

  • Flood Stories

    Flood Stories

    “Southies don’t run, mate”. Jack is quoted in today’s Sydney Morning Herald feature about the catastrophic Lismore floods, four months ago.

    The heartwrenching article was written by Heath Gilmore, and the beautiful photograph of Jack and Sam was taken by Jacklyn Wagner.… Read the rest