Home Again

I’m enjoying a brief, four-day visit to Lismore. I’m here for a friend’s birthday, and to catch up with family. After a lovely birthday lunch, my friend Paul and I went for a “Sunday Drive” taking in the sights of Newrybar, a small village near Ballina, Lennox, Byron.

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Lismore’s Big Log

One of my earliest childhood memories is of the arrival and placement near the Lismore City Hall of “The Big Log”. As far as pretty much everyone in Lismore knew, it was red cedar, and it was a wonderful memorial of the “The Big Scrub”. The timber industry was an important industry on the North […]

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James Patrick Terence O’Brien

At this stage, I don’t know for sure if I’m related to James Patrick Terence O’Brien of Lismore, NSW but his story fascinates me, nonetheless. It’s a story I discovered quite accidentally, searching for family history connections using the Trove newspaper database. The many newspaper reports clearly indicate James had a really, really serious long-term […]

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Boxing Day at Nimbin

“It’s a lot more hippie than I remember”, my friend Sue said as we made our way along the main street of Nimbin. “There’s a lot less drugs on offer”, I thought to myself. Sue had actually grown up in Nimbin to a family who had lived there for a couple of generations, whereas I’d […]

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