Lovely Weekend

It’s been an unexpectedly busy, but lovely weekend. As of Friday night, I had no plans for the weekend at all. But all of a sudden, a series of “spontaneous invitations” came through for lunch and dinner yesterday, and to catch up with my friend Kate, today.

We haven’t seen each other in real life for almost a year. The last time was at the opening of the Biennale of Sydney in March last year. At the time, Kate joked, “this might be the last gathering we go to for a while” and indeed she was right.… Read the rest “Lovely Weekend”

Important Cultural Artefact

“It’s an important cultural artefact”, I heard one American tourist tell an other. As I stood at the traffic lights, I heard her tell her friend she needed to wait until the sign came around.

In the midst of other warning signs, there was a sign warning people that if you were caught peeing in public, it could cost you $200. I laughed and showed them the photograph I’d snapped earlier, where it could cost you more.… Read the rest “Important Cultural Artefact”