Toledo and Madrid

Since I first began researching this trip, a visit to Toledo (about 50 minutes by bus south of Madrid) has been high on my list of priorities. I’d seen photographs online which indicated a town of great beauty.… Read the rest

Monday in Madrid

If you have an interest in art, you could spend a day or two, or even longer at Madrid’s Reina Sofia. As it was, I spent several hours there late this afternoon/this evening, and in some ways, feel like I only skimmed the surface.… Read the rest

Modern Madrid

As you’ve undoubtedly read over the last few days, Spain is undergoing what’s being described as “the greatest political crisis in decades”, as there is a move to declare Catalonia (the north east part of the country, centred on Barcelona) independent.… Read the rest

The Colours of Madrid

For at least ten minutes today I watched a young woman attempt to take a selfie. She tried portrait. She tried landscape. She did a complete 360 twirl to find the right background.… Read the rest

Hola! Madrid

I don’t think I’ve ever made it through passport control that quickly. It helped I was in one of the first few rows of economy class. It helped that ours was the only flight arriving at that time of night.… Read the rest