Sundry Sunday

There are some days when I sit around doing, literally, nothing. I’m lucky if I leave the house. That was not the case today, with three activities scheduled.

Kate and I caught up early this afternoon with a wander around Fair Day in mind. “It’s a great photographic opportunity” , we both agreed, with the combination of drag queens, muscle boys, and pets in the assortment of Sydney gay life. Of all the “gay things” I do each year, it’s usually one of my favourites.… Read the rest “Sundry Sunday”

Fair Day

“Bloody weather! What do you think?”, was the text message I sent out to the three friends I’d organised to spend the day with on the annual “Mardi Gras History Walk” and “Fair Day”. Two out of three responded in the affirmative, hopeful the weather would clear. The third, however, responded initially with “Would it be bad to stay in bed?”. I was on his side for a fair while, and then peer group pressure got the better of me.… Read the rest “Fair Day”