Same, But Different

“I’m sorry, I have absolutely no idea who you are…” is the kind of phrase you never really want to hear. especially when it’s delivered by someone you’ve known for over twenty years. I was wandering home on Friday night, having spent the evening with a friend at the newly re-opened Newtown Hotel. And just […]

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Flying the flag

As my mate and I sat at the Newtown Hotel tonight we pondered for a while the pub’s sexual orientation. For years it had been a legendary “gay” pub run by the very famous/infamous lesbian, Dawn O’Donnell. It was a fun pub that you could hang out with your mates and have a laugh. For […]

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Going to Newtown is always a bit of an adventure for me. Although it’s only a short distance away, and I know people who live in the area, Newtown has never been at the top of my list of destinations. I mean, I really like Newtown and I’ve toyed from time to time with living […]

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Newtown Hotel Closes

Can you imagine the look on my face when I met my mate Graeme yesterday for a drink at the Newtown Hotel , only to discover it had been suddenly closed down? It had been a warm day in Sydney and we were both looking forward to the retro-music night they had recently introduced. On […]

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Unisex Amateur Strip Night

It was standing room only (and maybe not even that) last night at Sydney’s Newtown Hotel for the final of the Unisex Amater Stripping Competition hosted beautifully by drag artiste, Vanessa Wagner. And no, I don’t mean paint stripping. I mean good old fashioned burlesque, with an emphasis on entertainment, rather than some of what […]

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Keeping Score

It’s after midnight and I’m having a glass of wine to try and wind down a bit after a very busy day’s work in the Tally Room for the NSW Election. Although I guess everyone knew the overall result several weeks ago, confirmed with this week’s opinion polls, there were some interesting competitions to observe, […]

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