Newtown Hotel Closes

Can you imagine the look on my face when I met my mate Graeme yesterday for a drink at the Newtown Hotel , only to discover it had been suddenly closed down? It had been a warm day in Sydney and we were both looking forward to the retro-music night they had recently introduced.

On arrival, Graeme broke the bad news. Outside, there were a couple of bouncers keeping a close eye on those passing by, but not explaining why the bar was closed.

When we peered through the windows, we were able to see some phones and computers stacked up, but noticed all of the spirits had been removed.

Sitting on the footpath around the corner, a couple of the bar stuff told us they had arrived for their shift as usual, and that the reason for the closure had been a leasing dispute with the owners of the building.

Nearby someone had erected a small tombstone.

As we walked down the street thinking about the recent closure of the Imperial Hotel for renovation we wondered out loud, “where will all the Newtown poofs go now?”. My bet is the Court House.

7 Replies to “Newtown Hotel Closes”

  1. Renovate the Imperial? But it’s not the Imperial if it isn’t a fire hazard!

    Again, this is seriously broken.

    The Bank is terribly wanky now, Mark.

  2. Yeh, was amazed by this. I love the tombstone and the vigil. Pleased that someone took a piccie as this is now been taken away by the scary bouncers.

  3. Mark – Graeme and I went to “The Bank”, but we thought it’s all a bit yuppie to be a real replacement for The Newtown.

    Nails – As Above.

    Brad – Great site.

    Mr Peenee – Thankyou so much. Very kind!!

    Benython – The pic has been getting quite a bit of traffic. I feel so “paparazzi”.

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