Midwinter Update

“I was in Sweden once, and it was minus twenty three, and I don’t think I was this cold”, I whispered into the ear of a friend. She has also been to Sweden and knew exactly what I meant, as we stood on the Bondi headland, as the icy winds and rain combined.

In some respects, today’s weather conditions further helped to bring to life the story of the murder of Ross Warren. Ross was probably the most well-known of the many men who were bashed to death, or thrown off the headland during the 1990s.… Read the rest “Midwinter Update”

Things I’ve Seen Lately

On behalf of everyone in Sydney, I felt so incredibly embarrassed recently. Though I don’t subscribe to that whole Melbourne/Sydney rivalry thing (both are terrific cities), I know that many people in Melbourne believe Sydney-siders are an uncouth bunch of yobbos. A gross generalisation, of course, and if you look at the stats, Sydney-siders are more likely to go to an art gallery than a footy-match.

But I felt a slight cringe recently when I went to see a band visiting from Melbourne called “James Ellis and The Jealous Guys”.… Read the rest “Things I’ve Seen Lately”

Student Drama

This week I went to see a couple of this year’s student productions by NIDA, the National Institute of Dramatic Arts.

On Monday night I went by myself to see “Shopping & F***king”, featuring a small cast of quite good actors in a play set in the round. At the heart of the play is the intersection between consumerism and sexuality, with the apparent theme that consumerism has become another way in which people seek to attract each other and that sexuality has become just another commodity.… Read the rest “Student Drama”

No Names, No Pack Drill

It was a play I wasn’t familiar with, but Colin assured me it was a very good play, a classic Australian play. Before the play, we discussed the reluctance of many theatre companies to do these classic Australian plays. As well as the issue of funding, I guess there’s a fear the audience will see them as old fashioned. But I really honestly think there’s a market for classic Australian drama that’s not being currently met.… Read the rest “No Names, No Pack Drill”