Worst Theatre Ever

It’s Saturday night, and even though I’m at home playing on the net and listening to the radio – what a glamorous life – I’ve had a reasonably busy week. This photograph was taken on Wednesday night at the launch of a new book, “Beer & Food”, by Bill Taylor, Chief Brewer for Lion Nathan. I didn’t get much of a chance to see the book, but I did see (and consume) a lot of beer and food.

There was a Belgian beer, in particular that stood out, for its light colour, but high alcohol content. There was also a “cherry beer” which I could take or leave. The beer was beautifully matched with the food. Lagers, Ales, Stouts etc. In all, a great fun evening.

On Thursday night, I went with Colin to see a play called “Roberto Zucco”, put on by NIDA Students. Robert Zucco is based on the real-life story of a man who murdered his parents as a teenager, was locked up in an asylum, escaped and went on the kill. Although it sounds like a great story upon which to base a play, I thought it was one of the worst pieces of theatre I have ever seen. The principle problem appears to have been the direction. There were some wonderful moments in the script, but none of the cast had any feeling (or even understanding) of what was going on. Thus, the audience, for the most part, sat there unvinvolved and bored. It could have been a reasonable work if those involved had really understood the text.

And then last night, I had a few drinks with Penny. She’s in town for the next few weeks, although she will spend a week in Moree with her sister. It’s great to have her here.

Also had a great chat with Yvette.

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