Perth Stories

“I thought it was five years, but it’s actually six”, I told a friend over a beer at Perth’s Grosvenor Hotel. The last time we had seen each other face-to-face was at the funeral of Eoin Cameron, the former ABC Radio presenter.

I worked with Eoin during my year as the manager of ABC Radio Perth (then named 720 ABC Perth).… Read the rest “Perth Stories”

Such a long way to Perth

The two things I remember vividly about my time living in Perth in 2004 were: the time zone difference and the long flights involved. I remember getting a phone call at 4.30am from someone on the East Coast (note the capitalization) who hadn’t realised there was a three hour time difference during the summer months, and even then thought “Perth was ahead, not behind”.… Read the rest “Such a long way to Perth”

Preparing for the Sunday night Red Eye

It’s Sunday evening. It’s been a warm day in Perth. I’m sitting on the balcony of the hotel I’ve been staying in. I hope the people on the cruise boat down below don’t mind that I’m sitting here, wearing just shorts, and sipping on a glass of wine. Because frankly, the last week has been super-super-busy, and if they do mind, I don’t care.… Read the rest “Preparing for the Sunday night Red Eye”