Boy and Bear

Although for a while I was thinking “Boy & Bear” would be a good name for our team for the pop trivia night at Yaya’s, in the end it was probably best to go with “Le coqs sportif”. “Boy & Bear”, of course is the name of a highly successful Australian pop group at the moment, and although it would have been highly appropriate musically, I guess it would have kind of muddied the waters if we had gone with that name. After all, I’m a 46 year old, and Mark is a 29 year old, although who was the boy and who was the bear could have been left open to much speculation.

Mark and I first met in Sydney a few years ago in blogging circles. Although he has spent most of his life in Perth, he spent a few years in Sydney studying, and that’s when we became friends. Coming back to Perth for this trip, he was one of the people I really wanted to catch up with.

And what better way to catch-up than to have a meal, and then later go to a pop trivia night run by a friend of his. We both have a strong interest in music, and we have complimentary skills. I was pretty useful on the rounds of questions on Classical Music, Eurovision and The Life and Time’s of Molly Meldrum. Yes seriously. Mark answered everything else, particularly all of those tricky 1990s music questions about bands like Ween, Nirvana and so on. Mark also secured red wine in the heads/tails round.

Although we finished in fourth place, we were tonight’s per capita winners. As Le Coqs Sportif, the two of us against much larger teams did well. While some teams struggled on the classical music round, we scored ten out of ten. We also got nine for the Eurovision round (thought actually we think we got 10 and were mis-marked) and nine for the Molly Meldrum round (missing out on the name of John Lennon’s first solo album). At one stage we were on 69 points. It was about then that I realised being “Boy and Bear on 69” was proof that we had gone with the right team name.

A good night was had by all…

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