Eurovision 2020

Most years there’s two or three songs I really, really like, and “meh” is my usual reaction to most of the remainder. But this year, there were half a dozen songs I really liked, including one I’ve put on permanent repeat. You know how when you’re a teenager you play the same song over and […]

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Vote One Eurovision

“We know this stuff, but most people don’t”, a colleague reminded me the other day, as we spoke about the appropriateness of what you share online, and in particular on social media. We were talking about the number of political candidates who have lost pre-selection in the Australian election in the last couple of weeks, […]

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Eurovision / Melodifestivalen Moment #6 : Half Time Act from Norway

The half time act in Eurovision can often be quite boring. Riverdance from Ireland set the standard, prompting a global phenomenon. When Norway came to host Eurovision in 2010, they were already behind the curve with “flashmobs”, but they did an awesome job “uniting Europe”. I wanted to be there with them. As part of […]

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