• Via Napoli

    Via Napoli

    Though there are often waiting crowds outside Via Napoli, located on Crown Street, Surry Hills, there was no need to book for Sunday lunch, I was told. As a resident of Surry Hills, the crowds you often see on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night drive me a little crazy. Whether people are queuing for a table, or standing outside having a chat or a cigarette, there are just so many people in the way, that I often find myself getting a little grumpy, as I struggle through with my shopping bags.… Read the rest “Via Napoli”

  • Surry Hills Italian Food

    Surry Hills Italian Food

    About a month ago, my friend Michaela and I were in New York together. In contrast to Sydney with its’ 1.30 lockout, and where it’s near impossible to get a restaurant meal after about 9.30, you can go and do anything at virtually any time in The Big Apple. Memorably, there was one night when, having been to a show, we arrived at a restaurant called Balthazar at maybe 10.30 or 11.00 at night.… Read the rest “Surry Hills Italian Food”