Via Napoli

Though there are often waiting crowds outside Via Napoli, located on Crown Street, Surry Hills, there was no need to book for Sunday lunch, I was told. As a resident of Surry Hills, the crowds you often see on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night drive me a little crazy. Whether people are queuing for a table, or standing outside having a chat or a cigarette, there are just so many people in the way, that I often find myself getting a little grumpy, as I struggle through with my shopping bags.

But a week or so before I went overseas, I got over my “mental block” about the crowds associated with Via Napoli and went there for a pizza. As a friend who had been there spoke enthusiastically about the food, I popped down for a Monday night meal. I chose the four cheese pizza. It was wonderful. A great base, perfectly cooked, wonderful cheeses. And when I suggested to my friend we should go there for lunch today for a post-holiday catchup, she didn’t miss a beat.

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