Hospital Food

The delivery of meals at Sacred Heart Rehabilitation, within Sydney’s St. Vincent’s Hospital, operates like a well-oiled machine, at 7 am, 12 noon, and 5 pm. To prepare, there is a daily ritual that involves completing a green paper form, and ticking boxes for meals spanning the next 36 hours. This system works pretty well, with the only exception being when my room became a COVID case zone, necessitating phone orders which sometimes went a little awry.… Read the rest “Hospital Food”

Memorable Meals

You know how sometimes you have a life-changing meal? I don’t necessarily mean those meals at posh restaurants. I’ve had a few of those, and I’ve blogged about them here. I mean those meals which stay in your memory forever.

On the downside, I thought I was going to die from food poisoning, after eating some tiramisu at a cafe in Melbourne. I mean, seriously, I thought I was dying. But on the positive, I once had lamb with cumin at a restaurant in China, and I’ve been trying to find something nearly as good ever since.… Read the rest “Memorable Meals”

The Longest Queue

“You’re so dodgy” my friend said to me when I told her how I’d once jumped the queue to get into the Marigold in Sydney’s Chinatown. “If you go up the escalator, there’s a goods lift which takes you to the kitchen area, and you just walk through”, I told her.

We were on the verge of taking it, as we waited for close to an hour to get in for our 10 am booking. There was some kind of weird arrangement where you joined the queue if you’d made a phone booking but could go straight to the top of the queue if you’d made an online booking.… Read the rest “The Longest Queue”


It takes you about half an hour to drive from the centre of Tumut to the restaurant’s location. You could probably do it faster, but it was raining today, sometimes quite heavily and so we drove a little more cautiously. Thankfully, there were very few cars on the road. However, there are narrow winding bits, and from time to time, there is no bitumen. We also stopped to enjoy the views.  

There was also a fair bit of stock along the way.
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