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  • Memorable Meals

    Memorable Meals

    You know how sometimes you have a life-changing meal? I don’t necessarily mean those meals at posh restaurants. I’ve had a few of those, and I’ve blogged about them here. I mean those meals which stay in your memory forever.… Read the rest

  • The Longest Queue

    The Longest Queue

    “You’re so dodgy” my friend said to me when I told her how I’d once jumped the queue to get into the Marigold in Sydney’s Chinatown. “If you go up the escalator, there’s a goods lift which takes you to the kitchen area, and you just walk through”, I told her.… Read the rest

  • Tumut


    It takes you about half an hour to drive from the centre of Tumut to the restaurant’s location. You could probably do it faster, but it was raining today, sometimes quite heavily and so we drove a little more cautiously.… Read the rest

  • History and Food

    History and Food

    You know you’re having a good time when you ask a friend what the time is, and at first neither of you is really sure. You’ve been together since 11 o’clock, and you’re both surprised to discover it’s 5 o’clock.… Read the rest

  • My Preferences

    My Preferences

    “Have you been here for long?”, I asked the waiter at “The Loft” earlier tonight. “Four years for the current owner, but about thirty years overall”, he replied. I wondered to myself if maybe I’d been there before, but had completely forgotten.… Read the rest

  • Catching Up (On Sleep)

    Catching Up (On Sleep)

    I spent a fair bit of this weekend napping. It’s not like I’ve been working excessively long hours, or going out “clubbing” (heaven forbid), I’ve just been feeling a bit tired this weekend.… Read the rest