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  • Busy Weekend (Eating)

    Busy Weekend (Eating)

    There are weekends when I, quite literally, barely leave the house. Though I’ll usually still wake early, I will often head back to bed for an early or late afternoon nap, and spend the time in between reading, listening, or watching various things I’ve accumulated during the week.… Read the rest

  • Blanca Bar & Dining

    Blanca Bar & Dining

    “I’ve heard mixed reports”, the barman at a nearby venue told me when I mentioned I was meeting a friend for dinner at Bondi’s “Blanca Bar & Dining”.

    “It’s Mediterranean food, with “Japanese flavours”, the waitress told us.… Read the rest

  • Hell’s Kitchen

    Hell’s Kitchen

    “They’re all very well dressed”, Debra Lawrence said to the overlay, as we walked on to the set of “Hell’s Kitchen”, the celebrity cooking program that’s screened on Australian television over the last few months.… Read the rest

  • Chef, Dan Hong

    Chef, Dan Hong

    “I live in Chinatown and so the places me and family eat are generally the Sussex Street Mall, and the Dixon Street Mall”, Dan Hong said, to the surprise of a lot of people attending tonight’s event at the Beresford Hotel.… Read the rest

  • Via Napoli

    Via Napoli

    Though there are often waiting crowds outside Via Napoli, located on Crown Street, Surry Hills, there was no need to book for Sunday lunch, I was told. As a resident of Surry Hills, the crowds you often see on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night drive me a little crazy.… Read the rest

  • Måndag’s Views

    Måndag’s Views

    Until I began to research this trip, I hadn’t known of the “Backfika” phenomenon in Stockholm, where Michelin-rated restaurants often operate lower priced bistros. Last week, I visited “Oaxen” and today, I had lunch at a place called “Eriks Backfika”, which in this case, is a close relative of Gondolen, the iconic Stockholm restaurant with excellent views.… Read the rest