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  • New Sydney Hotel, Hobart

    New Sydney Hotel, Hobart

    As I sat, sipping on a glass of wine at The Brick Factory, I received an instant message from Damien, asking where I was planning to have dinner tonight . “Spooky”, I replied, “I was just going through your email thinking exactly the same thing”. He and Kristin love their food and wine, are big fans of Hobart, have bought a house here, and are planning to move here, and so of course I asked him for suggestions.… Read the rest “New Sydney Hotel, Hobart”

  • Surry Hills Friday Night

    Surry Hills Friday Night

    “You must definitely have the octopus”, I told my next door neighbours who were seated a few tables away from us at the new Greek restaurant which opened this week in our part of Crown Street, Surry Hills. Like me, they had a curiosity about the what was on offer from the Ouzo Taverna.… Read the rest “Surry Hills Friday Night”

  • Norsk Dor

    Norsk Dor

    I had dinner tonight with a good friend at a new Scandinavian-inspired restaurant in Sydney called “Norsk Dor”. With my interests in all things Scandinavian, but especially Swedish, she thought it wold be a good place for us to catch up.

    “It’s only been open three weeks”, our waiter told us, so aside from a few reviews here and there, I’m guessing it’s getting to be known about, largely, through word of mouth.… Read the rest “Norsk Dor”

  • Bishop Sessa

    Bishop Sessa

    Damien, Kristin and I enjoyed a wonderful meal of pork, pork, and more pork (and other stuff) at Surry Hill’s “Bishop Sessa”. Highly recommended.

  • Kensington Social

    Kensington Social

    I won’t go on about it, except to say the food is tasty and creative, the service is excellent, and the restaurant is well set out. I’ll be back.

  • Can Of Tuna

    Can Of Tuna

    For the last couple of weeks or so I’ve had a can of tuna sitting prominently on my desk at work. I picked it up on the way to work one morning as a “freebie” from people handing them out on the street. Given my Scandinavian interests, the idea of tasting some tuna from Finland definitely appealed.… Read the rest “Can Of Tuna”

  • Noma Sydney

    Noma Sydney

    As we entered Noma (Sydney) for lunch yesterday, there was a real sense of “showbiz”. As we were shown to our table, the four of us were greeted by probably twenty or thirty staff. “Hello, hello, welcome”. Having lived all my life in Australia, I often feel cynical about such displays of hospitality.… Read the rest “Noma Sydney”

  • Dinner at Aria

    Dinner at Aria

    A few months ago I was lucky enough to be on a table that won the “Lucky Door Prize” for a dinner at Sydney’s Aria Restaurant. Along with ten others, I enjoyed a wonderful night this evening of great company, great conversations, delicious food and wine, and great views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.… Read the rest “Dinner at Aria”

  • The Paddington

    The Paddington

    “We were the oldest people there”, I said to my friend as we left The Paddington last night. “No, there were some other oldies there”, she argued. Yes, she was right, but overwhelmingly The Paddington attracted a hip and happening younger crowd. And no wonder, it’s the latest Sydney hotel to be “Hemmesphied”.… Read the rest “The Paddington”