Blanca Bar & Dining

“I’ve heard mixed reports”, the barman at a nearby venue told me when I mentioned I was meeting a friend for dinner at Bondi’s “Blanca Bar & Dining”.

“It’s Mediterranean food, with “Japanese flavours”, the waitress told us. And with a Finnish chef! What an odd combination, we thought. As you’ll see from the photographs, in common with Japanese food, the presentation was beautiful.

Though they also offered a 10-course meal, we chose the 7-course meal, and it was absolutely perfect. And the taste? We thought all but one of the dishes was excellent. Great flavours. The perfect amount of food. A couple of bottles of wine, and we were very happy, as we left the restaurant. The wine probably forced up the price a fair bit, but even for two people, it was good value (comparatively speaking) for quality food and service. Highly recommended.

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