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I’m back in Sydney after a couple of weeks in Darwin for work. It was an awesome time to be there, as the “wet season” hasn’t arrived yet. However, there were a couple of days of high humidity combined with high temperatures. On two separate days, I arrived at work with a slightly damp shirt.

When I wasn’t at work, I got to experience a little bit of the Darwin life-style. Obviously not the same as living there, and obviously not the same as being a complete tourist. There were, however, quite a few things which made me smile. Here’s some of them.

Love these artworks by Tarzan JungleQueen and Matthew Van Roden, I spotted on the outside of a carpark on the walk home one night.

Tasting the top end, with emu, crocodile, kangaroo (not strictly top end, since kangaroos are found further south) and wallaby.

A couple of nights out on the town, enjoying the “gay life” of “Throb” nightclub, and Tuesday night, “Drag Queen Bingo”.

Classic NT News Headline - Millman Rogers Federer
Classic NT News Headline – Millman Rogers Federer
Stubbie Holders - CU in the NT and Darwin Pride
Number of stubby-holders I owned before coming to Darwin : 0. Number of stubby-holders I now own : 2. Thanks to friends and family for the gifts. One for each hand!

“Would you live there?”, my friend Sue asked me over dinner tonight. “Nah… cyclones”.


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