I really love Darwin. It was the location of the first major holiday for a former partner and I. It was also the location of my first “proper” acting management role for work. I’ve kinda lost track of the number of times I’ve visited. It remains a pretty special place for me.

Tiwi Tour

“It would be genuinely ironic if we stopped to take a photograph of the sign and a coconut dropped on our heads”, I said to one of my fellow travellers.

Though I’ve been to Darwin many times I’ve never been to Bathurst or Melville Islands before, which are located about two and a half hours by ferry from Darwin.… Read the rest

Music and Art in Darwin

Three years ago when my friend, Sue and I were both here in Darwin, we were truly impressed by a busker we saw at the Parap Markets. He was a good-looking young man, with a good voice, and a good stage presence.… Read the rest

Thousands at Mindil Beach

Though it may seem I’m on a “holiday” right now, I’m actually working quite hard. The days haven’t been necessarily overly long, but they’ve been fairly intense. After two years of working from home, face-to-face daily interactions can sometimes be quite exhausting.… Read the rest

Art in the sky

“It’s pretty busy down here”, a bloke said to me as we walked down to the foreshore of Darwin Harbour. He was worried about getting a good seat/view, and to be honest, so was I.… Read the rest

Crocodile tour

When I asked recently on Facebook for some travel tips/suggestions for my trip to Darwin, a colleague suggested the “jumping crocodile” tours. This implies something very “touristy”, but my response to such dismissal is always, “It’s okay, I don’t mind, I’m a tourist”.… Read the rest

Mindil Beach sunset

Aside from grabbing a grape-flavoured snow cone, I didn’t worry too much about the food or drink at tonight’s markets at Mindil Beach.

During the dry season, thousands of people head to the beach in Darwin for the Thursday (and Sunday) Mindil Beach Night Markets, where they grab some food, listen to some live music, enjoy conversation, and watch the sunset.… Read the rest