Surry Hills Pottery

Back Laneway

"Do you mind if I pop in and take a few photographs?", I asked the bloke with legs covered in clay, as I walked around the back laneway of the street where I live. "I have a couple of colleagues who are really into pottery, and I'd love to show them what you're doing", I … Continue reading Back Laneway

Bei Jing Dumpling Surry Hills, Sydney

Bei Jing Dumpling

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting at the bus-stop near the corner of Cleveland and Crown Streets (Surry Hills) and a Chinese guy came up to me, asking for directions. He showed me a piece of paper with the address "432 Cleveland Street" written on it. As I don't speak Chinese and his … Continue reading Bei Jing Dumpling

Argentinian beer for Dinner at Porteño

Finally Porteño

"How long before you move?", I asked the waiter tonight. "About five weeks, or thereabouts", he told me. Once the home of Greek restaurant, Dimitri's (with associated plate breaking), the building on Cleveland Street will be looking for a new life, as Porteño is moving to another Surry Hills location. In contrast to Dimitri's, which … Continue reading Finally Porteño

Surry Laneway

Village Voices by Astra Howard

There's a lane-way not far from where I live which I've walked through literally thousands of times. Previously on this blog I've complained its a lane-way many men will often pop into for a quiet wee late at night. It's also a lane-way where homeless people will stop to rest for the night. A few … Continue reading Village Voices by Astra Howard

Contrasting the bricks (cleaned and uncleaned) due to the railway pollution at the Sydney Railway Institute

Surry Hills Architecture Walk

"I can't believe how much the building has changed in less than a decade", I thought to myself, as I reviewed the photographs from the first time I did the Surry Hills Architecture Walk, almost ten years ago, comparing them with the photographs I took today. I'm referring specifically to the Greenway-designed "Surry Hills Cottage". … Continue reading Surry Hills Architecture Walk

Surry Hills Bakery

Surry Hills Bakery

You might recall a few months ago, I wrote about the widespread sadness in my part of Surry Hills / Redfern about the closure of our long-term bakery local, Baker's Bun. Though I should stress, it wasn't so much the loss of a local business, it was about the loss of a long-term local family in … Continue reading Surry Hills Bakery

Christmas in July at Surry Hills' Carrington Hotel

Christmas in July in Surry Hills

If you're a Sydney-sider and you're told you're going to "Christmas in July at The Carrington", you immediately think of The Carrington Hotel in The Blue Mountains. Though my memory is a little sketchy, I remember once doing that. Indeed, it's the first thing you'll find when you Google search. But my neighbourhood of Surry … Continue reading Christmas in July in Surry Hills