Pub crawl through Newtown

Despite the lack of initial planning, Saturday unfolded into an unexpected “pub crawl” adventure.

Originally, my agenda included a lunchtime workshop at Surry Hills Library, organised by friends, followed by an event hosted by the 4A Art Gallery. Still recuperating from my operation, I find daytime naps essential for my recovery, typically lasting five minutes. This time, though, my brief rest in bed stretched into a couple of hours. On waking, I messaged my friends to convey my apologies, and they later shared the success of the workshop, bringing some relief.… Read the rest “Pub crawl through Newtown”

Surry Streets

In the weeks following the devastating floods that struck Lismore last year, impacting thousands, including my own family, I had the opportunity to contribute some meaningful words to a public art installation in Surry Hills known as “Village Voices.” This public art project has been ongoing for approximately six years and showcases short pieces of text from locals, each reflecting on various aspects of their lives. Today, I joined other contributors in revisiting those words as part of the “Surry Streets Festival.”… Read the rest “Surry Streets”

Warike Restaurant, Surry Hills

After weeks and weeks in the hospital, and a couple of weeks at home, I was finally well enough to enjoy a “major meal” out with a friend at “Warike Restaurant” in Surry Hills. Though I’ve been out for dinner to some restaurants, this was a big night out at a hip restaurant with a reasonable price tag. Warike is a Peruvian restaurant located in the building on Devonshire Street that was previously “The Book Kitchen”.… Read the rest “Warike Restaurant, Surry Hills”

Sydney Sights

I noticed there was a lengthy queue outside Messina, on Crown Street, Surry Hills today.

I had just been to the post office and was looking for somewhere to grab a bite to eat. Despite my hunger, I stopped to take a photograph.

In Sydney, if there’s a queue, it must be good. On weekend evenings, you’ll often see a queue but never like this one. And never on a Wednesday, and never at lunchtime. I was intrigued.… Read the rest “Sydney Sights”

On The Street

“It’s pretty confronting”, a friend and I concluded about our (separate) experiences of visiting the red-light area of Amsterdam. As you walk around Amsterdam there are half-dressed women in shop-fronts offering themselves to (often) groups of men. I don’t have an issue, at all, with sex work as a legitimate form of employment, but sex work doesn’t come without its problems, including drug abuse, exploitation, and (sometimes) slavery.

“Most sex work now happens via this”, Elliot, our tour guide noted today, holding up his mobile phone.… Read the rest “On The Street”