Eurovision / Melodifestivalen Moment #5 : Shirley Clamp

There are so many occasions when Shirley Clamp SHOULD have been Sweden's entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. Of all the times she's entered, this is probably my favourite. Min kärlek (Aha) Ska brinna (Aha) Så klar som en stjärna i natten Min kärlek (Aha) Ska finna (Aha) Sin väg i det djupaste vatten Min … Continue reading Eurovision / Melodifestivalen Moment #5 : Shirley Clamp

Melodifestivalen 2011 #3

As I've been away this week, I haven't had the time until today to catch up on last weekend's "Melodifestivalen". And that's a shame, because it was the episode I've been anticipating most in this year's Swedish finals leading up to "Eurovision". Two of my favourite from the last few years were in this episode: … Continue reading Melodifestivalen 2011 #3

Schlager Paradise

I have woken this morning with a slight hang-over. Not an outrageously bad one, though. Yes, I had quite a few beers and wines and a reasonably late night. But I've also had a pretty good sleep in, and so I feel reasonably good. And the reason for all of this was Melodifestivalen, the Swedish … Continue reading Schlager Paradise