Eurovision / Melodifestivalen Moment #5 : Shirley Clamp

There are so many occasions when Shirley Clamp SHOULD have been Sweden’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. Of all the times she’s entered, this is probably my favourite.

Min kärlek (Aha)
Ska brinna (Aha)
Så klar som en stjärna i natten
Min kärlek (Aha)
Ska finna (Aha)
Sin väg i det djupaste vatten
Min kärlek till dig
(Min kärlek, min kärlek)

My love (Aha)
Shall burn (aha)
As clear as a star in the night
My love (Aha)
Shall find (aha)
Its way in the deepest water
My love for you
(My love, my love)

I’ve seen her perform a few times, including at Stockholm Pride, and in the close-up of her feet, at (the sadly now closed) Paradise nightclub. And apparently, she has an Australian connection, with her British-born father, having resided here for a number of years.

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