Snö, Snö, Snö

Realising I hadn’t really ventured far from the centre of Stockholm on this trip, I ventured a little further out of the city today, to the Enskededalen district in the south. It was amazing how quickly the snow-free streets of central Stockholm gave way to an area where snow and ice were very much still on the ground, often several feet deep.

I was interested in going back to a place I’d first visited in 2008, called Skogskyrkogården.… Read the rest “Snö, Snö, Snö”

How I ended up at a hippy rave in Stockholm

The day started off normal enough. I woke early and then hit the snooze button until about nine o’clock. I showered, had some coffee, checked email, and loaded a blog-post about last night. My only real plan for the day was a visit to the cemetery. I really like cemeteries for their historical value, and the cemetery on the southern side of Stockholm is interesting enough to have received heritage listing by UNESCO.

Cemetery, Stockholm

The tour guide explained the significance of the cemetery as a woodland cemetery, one of the few in the world.… Read the rest “How I ended up at a hippy rave in Stockholm”