Villages Voices and Surry Hills & Valleys Story-Telling & Photography. November 10, 2020.

Surry Laneway

“This used to be a laneway that men would pee in“, I told the woman I was chatting with. She works at nearby Belvoir Street Theatre, and was really interested in the gathering of about twenty people (story-tellers) in the laneway between Crown Street and Wilshire Lane in Surry

Let’s Love Life

Though I can’t be sure it’s his work, I’m pretty confident this is the work of a guy called Matt. (I saw him earlier in the night, ahead of this being created, and knowing the way he works, I’m sure it’s him). Matt is a homeless guy who has

Love Your Neighbour

For the last couple of years, you may recall my involvement in a local story-telling project called “Surry Hills and Valleys“. There’s four of us involved. The main drivers are Tim (with his photographs) and Karina (reaching out to people for their stories). Astra and I contribute with text,