Let’s Love Life

Though I can’t be sure it’s his work, I’m pretty confident this is the work of a guy called Matt. (I saw him earlier in the night, ahead of this being created, and knowing the way he works, I’m sure it’s him).

Matt is a homeless guy who has lived on-and-off in my neighbourhood over the last few years.

He’s a divisive figure in my neighbourhood. Some people hate him sleeping rough, and his erratic behaviour. Others, like me, have developed a friendly relationship with him, though noting his behaviour is sometimes a little bit challenging. From my conversations with him, he seems like a genuinely thoughtful interesting man, albeit with a troubled life.

I wrote about him previously, both here and on the Surry Hills & Valleys story-telling site.

Made from soil, you can’t help but love the sentiment in this piece of “organic public art” in my back laneway.

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