Cabramatta Food Walking Tour

Having lived in Surry Hills for almost eighteen years, I’d almost forgotten what it was like to have “normal shops”. Surry Hills is littered with restaurants, gourmet grocers, architects and the like. But if you needed to buy some fabric to knock up a frock (theoretically speaking), I think you would have to look further afield.

In stark contrast, Cabramatta has a much greater variety of shops, and that’s something which really stood out today when I visited there and participated in the I Ate My Way Through Cabramatta Walking Tour.… Read the rest “Cabramatta Food Walking Tour”

Miss Saigon @ Hurstville

For just a moment tonight, I thought I was back on the subway in Beijing. Okay, so maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration borne out of my lack of experience on crowded Sydney trains. I simply don’t catch many trains during peak hours, and so when it is busy, I’m always a bit surprised.

Nonetheless, the train from Central to Hurstville just after 6 tonight was pretty crowded. I had to stand all the way.… Read the rest “Miss Saigon @ Hurstville”