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  • The Dark Matters at Sydney’s White Rabbit Gallery

    The Dark Matters at Sydney’s White Rabbit Gallery

    I really love the notes which accompany the video work, “Billenium Waves”, by the artist, Tang Nannan, “Waves are the mountains of the sea” he says “and mountains are the waves of the land.… Read the rest

  • Vile Bodies at White Rabbit

    Vile Bodies at White Rabbit

    As I’ve mentioned here previously, I’m a huge fan of Sydney’s White Rabbit Gallery.

    Dedicated to works made in the 21st century, the White Rabbit Collection is owned by Judith Neilson, who was inspired to establish it on a 2001 trip to Beijing.

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  • Heavy Artillery at White Rabbit

    Heavy Artillery at White Rabbit

    “What was your favourite work?”, I asked my friend Sue as we walked away from Sydney’s “White Rabbit Gallery” this afternoon. “It was definitely the video work”, she told me. I had to agree.… Read the rest

  • White Rabbit

    White Rabbit

    A new exhibition at White Rabbit gallery in Sydney is something I always anticipate. There’s such a large collection to draw upon, and which is constantly being added to, so you never know what you might get to see.… Read the rest

  • Gallery Crawl

    Gallery Crawl

    There are a couple of really stunning video works in the exhibition, LandSeaSky currently showing at the National Art School in Sydney.

    The one that really caught my attention, appealed to both my head and my heart, was a work called Littoral (2014) by Derek Kreckler.
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  • MCA – Sydney Biennale

    MCA – Sydney Biennale

    I spent the day hanging out with my friend Sue. After a bit of a sleep in, and then some breakfast, we headed off for a day of galleries, food, and generally hanging out.… Read the rest