Surry Hills Update

In 2007, I wrote on this blog

“Surry Hills must be the only place outside the former Soviet Union where people queue for bread.”

Surry Hills must be the only place outside the former Soviet Union where people queue for bread.
Bourke Street Bakery in 2007

In the time since, the very popular Bourke Street Bakery has expanded, with a number of other venues across Sydney.

Though it’s only a short walk from where I live, I haven’t visited the bakery for quite some time. The ugliness and inconvenience of the light rail construction on Devonshire Street has kept me away, and I’ve headed further afield for my weekend bread and coffee requirements.… Read the rest “Surry Hills Update”

Wimbo Park Revisited

Out of the blue this week, I received some comments on a blog post I made back into 2010 about Wimbo Park. Wimbo Park is lovely little park at the end of Devonshire Street, Surry Hills opposite the semi-famous Bourke Street Bakery, and not far from where I live. It’s a lovely space to sit in the late afternoon, and it’s probably the space where a bunch of people who’ve bought food from the bakery will often go to sit, relax, and eat their tasty delights.… Read the rest “Wimbo Park Revisited”

Wimbo Park and Centennial Park

Although it’s a little cold, wet and windy outside right now, it was a really beautiful day in Sydney. And so I set out mid-afternoon for what I’d planned as a brief walk to the nearby coffee shop to read the paper and have a bite to eat.

Somehow that brief walk morphed into an almost three hour stroll which took me around Surry Hills and over to Centennial Park where there were, literally, thousands of people enjoying the sunshine.… Read the rest “Wimbo Park and Centennial Park”