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Marlborough Street

“Marlborough House” is a building I’ve walked past possibly hundreds of times, and yet have had no idea what was located inside. A bit of googling reveals this massive building is home to fashion graphic designers, fashion designers, furniture designers etc. I only really discovered it today when I went walking along Marlborough Street as part of my ongoing photographic […]

Miles Street, Surry Hills
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Miles Street

For the last four years, from time to time, I’ve been indulging in a photographic project I’ve called Surry Streets. The project came out of a personal discovery desire to get to know the area in which I live a little better. There’s a tendency just to walk along the main streets and the same streets every day, isn’t there? […]

Corner of Ridge Street and Ridge Place, Surry Hills
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Ridge Place and Ridge Lane

“Hi, how’s it going?”, a bloke shouted to me in a friendly manner from a backyard BBQ in Ridge Lane. As I walked a few metres on, he asked if I wanted to come in for a beer. “Fine, thanks”, I shouted back. That simple exchange convinced me Ridge Place and Ridge Lane are probably nice little places to live, […]

Cleveland Lane, Surry Hills
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Cleveland Lane

Even though I’ve walked past it several hundred times (if not more), I didn’t know there WAS a Cleveland Lane, Surry Hills until earlier today. Anxious to try out my new camera, and engaging in my ongoing photographic project – taking random photographs of various streets and laneways in Surry Hills – I set out to look for somewhere new. […]

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Snap Happy on Crown

I got a little “snap happy” on the way home last night, although I’m not exactly sure why. Perhaps it was the glass or two of wine I had? Perhaps it was because the semi-full moon made everything seem so bright? Perhaps it was because I pretty much had the street to myself and felt less self-conscious about taking photographs? […]

No Parking on Hastings Lane
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Surry Laneways

The sign leading to Cartmore Lane is very inviting. In the midst of the corporate green of the City of Sydney street signs, these days, it’s a refreshing reminder of the past. And it’s in stark contrast to the brown and orange painted wall. I don’t know how many times I’ve walked past Cartmore Lane. Probably hundreds. But as I […]

Lansdowne Street sign in Surry Hills
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Lansdowne Street

I felt like a bit of photographic exploration today, though I didn’t feel like wandering too far from home. So I wandered over to Lansdowne Street, just off Crown Street, Surry Hills. It’s only a small street, and not all that remarkable really. It has a few nice houses. A couple of shops. A power station. And a park. And […]

Little Young Street, Redfern
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Little Young Street

This afternoon, I ran into Neil aka Ninglun near the bus stop on Cleveland Street. He’s a blogger who lives not far from me who also likes to take photographs of Surry Hills. “I’m taking a series on ‘waiting'”, he told me this afternoon, explaining why he was taking a photograph of the bus stop near the Surry Hills Shopping […]

The supermarket and pharmacy near the towers
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Belvoir Street

There’s more to Belvoir Street than the famous theatre. The street also has a church, a housing estate, some 80-style apartments, some workers cottages, and some traditional eastern suburbs terraces. It’s a bit of a Surry Hills microcosm, in some ways. Sometimes it’s narrow. Sometimes it’s wide. At this time of the year, the trees are mostly without leaves, so […]

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Parkham Street

Parkham Street, Surry Hills is a topical little street if ever there was one. I received a tip-off yesterday the City of Sydney were being asked/told by the State Government to remove all of the trees in the street to allow it to be used as a thoroughfare for World Youth Day. When I turned up for the “photo opportunity” […]

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Wilton Street

On the surface there’s nothing particularly spectacular about the Wilton Street, Surry Hills. It’s a pretty ordinary little street linking Belvoir Street and Cleveland Street. But when you look a little more deeply you see three distinct styles of architecture (I stand to be corrected as I’m not a architect). And you see three distinctive styles of housing: the old […]

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Ridge Street

James, next time you’re on one of your Surry Hills photo-taking jaunts, could you please have a look at what is at 15 Ridge St, Surry Hills? My great Aunt and her children lived there in 1936. I would really appreciate it if you have a chance! Thanks! So here you go, Cathy… this is Ridge Street, Surry Hills. It’s […]

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Little Oxford Street

I wandered over to Victoria Street this morning for a coffee at the lovely little French patisserie there. On the way back I came across a street I’ve never been in before, Little Oxford Street. Well, not knowingly anyway, as it’s the kind of street you might pop into late at night for a quick pee with little care for […]

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Kepos Street

I’ve just been for lunch at a cafe on one of my favourite streets in the Surry Hills/Redfern area: Kepos Street. I really love the housing, the greenery, the wide open street, as well as the great sense of community with an activity centre, and a plague acknowledging one of the well-known locals. It’s a lovely little street.

McElhone Place
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McElhone Place

You know you’re bored, or you know you’re desperate for something you read when you read junk mail from “City of Sydney”. It’s not as if it’s lacking, though, since I receive quite a few letters from “City Of Sydney” each week. But anyway, I picked up the brochure this morning about the 2007 Gardening Competition (May 21-June 27) and […]


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