Little Young Street

This afternoon, I ran into Neil aka Ninglun near the bus stop on Cleveland Street. He’s a blogger who lives not far from me who also likes to take photographs of Surry Hills. “I’m taking a series on ‘waiting'”, he told me this afternoon, explaining why he was taking a photograph of the bus stop near the Surry Hills Shopping Mall.

I was also in the mood for a bit of “Surry Hills” photography this afternoon, I told him as we walked down the street together. I love taking photographs of the area in which I live, especially the little back streets which have a character of their own.

And today I discovered Little Young Street, just behind Young Street, Redfern. From the start of the street it’s nothing spectacular, just a back laneway in many ways. And while it doesn’t have the glamour or notoriety of somewhere like McElhone Place, you really get a sense the people whose homes back onto Little Young Street quite like the place. In common with McElhone Place, there are lots of plants in pots and tubs. But what I really like about what the people have done is use really strong, bright colours, to accentuate what they’ve done.

Bright reds, stripes, all sorts of colours, which help make it an unexpectedly interesting street to walk down.

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