Redfern Biennale

“Would you like to suggest a word that makes you feel good, or makes you feel happy?” I was asked by a woman on Walker Street, Redfern today. She was one of the artists participating in the Redfern Biennale today. I didn’t look too closely at work, but she told me she was adding the different words people suggested to the artwork itself. After a moment of deep thought, I said “family”, as I was planning a Google Hangout with my family who lives in Lismore later this afternoon.… Read the rest “Redfern Biennale”

Continental Cafe – Redfern

“Would you like a glass of water to start with?”, I was asked by the waitress at Redfern’s Continental Cafe. I’m obviously not a regular. “No, just white wine will be fine..”, I told her with a smile.

“I’ve been trying to get in here for months”, my friend told me, as we sat down to eat last night. As it was, without a booking, the best we could manage was a couple of seats at the bar.… Read the rest “Continental Cafe – Redfern”

Redfern Architecture Walk

“What do you think the inside of a radio station would look like…?”, Terrence asked. We were standing on the footpath, admiring the facade of Koori Radio, as part of a tour of Sydney’s Redfern by the Architectural Association. It’s the kind of question a large group would, undoubtedly, have had a multitude of answers, based largely on what they’ve seen on television and film. The difference this time was there was no “large group” to answer the question: there was just me.… Read the rest “Redfern Architecture Walk”

Redfern Small Bars

Even though I live fairly close to Redfern in Sydney, I’ve never really socialised much in the area. Sure, I’ve been to a few pubs. I’ve been to Railz. I’m a member of South Sydney Rugby Leagues Club. I’ve also been to the uber-hip Freda’s. But aside from that, I’ve never really experienced much of the emerging small bar culture in the area. Partly, it’s because this small bar culture has developed only in the last few years, and now being in my late forties, friends and I tend to socialise in places which are little less-hip, a little less noisy.… Read the rest “Redfern Small Bars”