Ridge Place and Ridge Lane

“Hi, how’s it going?”, a bloke shouted to me in a friendly manner from a backyard BBQ in Ridge Lane. As I walked a few metres on, he asked if I wanted to come in for a beer. “Fine, thanks”, I shouted back.

That simple exchange convinced me Ridge Place and Ridge Lane are probably nice little places to live, although strictly speaking I doubt if anyone actually lives on either, since both seem to be back laneways for people living on Ridge Street and Cleveland Street.

As part of my ongoing efforts to document the streets and laneways of my neighbourhood in a more interesting manner than Google Street View, I went for a further wander this afternoon.

Compared with some of the laneways I’ve seen so far, these two are quite interesting for their diversity, and for the wonderful colours, shapes and textures to be found.

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  1. As usual, your blog had failed to remember me. I must manually enter my details once again.

    It is good that you are documenting your area. There will be a Hindsight or Rear Vision programme in twenty years time using info from what you are writing about now.

    1. But I remember you Andrew and that’s the most important thing :) Seriously though, I’ll put a support question in to WordPress.com which hosts to see what’s the problem. I like the idea of a Hindsight or Rear Vision based on my SurryStreets posts. “Veteran ABC broadcaster and manager, James O’Brien…”

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