• Birthday Lunch

    Birthday Lunch

    When you mention the words “Dancing” and “Columbian Hotel” in the same sentence, you don’t immediately think of ballroom dancing.

    But that’s exactly what my friend and I saw when we had a late afternoon drink at The Columnbian.

    Downstairs we were chatting with a transexual women about her life. Upstairs, they were doing a bit of ballroom dancing.… Read the rest “Birthday Lunch”

  • Ridge Place and Ridge Lane

    Ridge Place and Ridge Lane

    “Hi, how’s it going?”, a bloke shouted to me in a friendly manner from a backyard BBQ in Ridge Lane. As I walked a few metres on, he asked if I wanted to come in for a beer. “Fine, thanks”, I shouted back.

    That simple exchange convinced me Ridge Place and Ridge Lane are probably nice little places to live, although strictly speaking I doubt if anyone actually lives on either, since both seem to be back laneways for people living on Ridge Street and Cleveland Street.… Read the rest “Ridge Place and Ridge Lane”