Back in Sydney

It’s Sunday night. I’m half-watching the Jazz series on ABC-TV which is excellent. I’ve got sniffle – not sure why. I’ve spent the day at the Sydney Cricket Ground watching Australia play Zimbabwe. Quite a bit has happened since the last time I wrote. I’m back in Sydney for one!

Before I left Lismore, however, I went out for lunch with Fiona and Jane. We went to a fabulous new cafe at North Lismore where we ate, drank and were merry.

On the Tuesday, I drove to the Gold Coast – Pat, Nancy and Jack continued to Brisbane – where I spent Tuesday night. On arrival, I decided I wanted a night of luxury, so I called a number of motels for accommodation, settling on the ANA which had a terrific view of the ocean, was air conditioned, was comfortable, but was also reasonably expensive (about $238 for the night).

On the Tuesday afternoon, I caught up with Lucinda and Martin, spending the afternoon eating and drinking at the delightful Kurrawa Surf Club at Broadbeach.

Later in the afternoon, Briony arrived. We then moved on to the Oasis Cocktail Bar and consumed a few cocktails. I met Briony’s future husband who was a really lovely guy: and very cute!

One of my favourite memories of the Coolangatta Airport the next day was that the drinks container contained every variety of Coke imaginable, except the original coke.

But of course, the main thing on my mind remains Perth. The countdown has begun. By the end of next month I will be living in Perth. I can scarcely believe it. I’ve been to Perth only once before a couple of years ago and enjoyed my time there. I even managed to catch up with Gavin and Tiffany, with whom I worked in Wagga Wagga. At this stage, it’s a bit of a leap into the great unknown, although I have been watching the weather everynight and keeping an ear out for news stories from Western Australia. I haven’t really done much in the way of preparation for leaving yet. That will come over the next few weeks.

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