Goodbye Soon

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m half watching the cricket on television. The match is coming from Perth: what a co-incidence. It’s a fine, sunny day in Sydney, but I’ve actually spent most of the day indoors. I’ve been incredibly tired over the last couple of days: I think it’s leaving-Sydney-related stress.

The countdown is now well and truly on. It’s two weeks now until I move to Perth. It’s getting serious now. In the speech at my Sydney Farewell Party the other night, I related some of my fears and concerns about the move, declaring the night before I thought to myself, “Is it too late to change my mind”. Of course it is… and of course, it will be fine… although I did hyperventilate a little before the Farewell Party.

The Party was a hoot. Everyone seemed to get on really well together.

Some of the sudden realisation about Perth from having to start looking online for some accommodation.

This apartment I’ll be staying in is in Wellington Street, Perth, located right in the heart of town. Although it’s located on a main road, there is a park opposite, which should help keep down the noise. In a security building, the apartment has all of the mod cons of apartment living.

A few other things remain to be sorted… but hopefully not too difficult. I’ve chatted briefly with Damien about looking after the apartment while I’m away and he seemed relatively keen.

Another highlights of the week was a late night visit to Yvette’s place with a bottle of wine when we both thought we heard shots: Surry Hills police told us they were Australia Day fire-crackers, but that they had received lots of phone calls about this.

Last night I went to a couple of friend’ place for dinner which was fab. After that, we had just a couple of drinks at the Newtown RSL Gay Night. I wonder if the Perth RSL has a “gay night”?

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