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It’s Saturday afternoon in Sydney and I’ve just woken up from a brief “Nanna Nap” which has made me feel both a little groggy, yet quite good. Still, it’s nice to have a few hours at home just hanging out, since the last week has been quite busy. Gotta say, it’s nice to be home in my own place, especially as the weather is so spectacular in Sydney at the moment.

I flew over to Sydney last Saturday. Leading up to this, life was reasonably busy with work, though I did manage a few social occasions.

Although most of the week here has been focussed on work, I have been doing some socialising. On Sunday night, Graeme and I went out for a drink or seven. On Wednesday night, I went to ABBAmail Drinks at the Huntsbury Hotel which, as usual, was good fun, with tales about work, relationships, friendship and ABBA flowing freely. And then on Thursday night, Damien and I went to a Wine Tasting hosted by Wine Ark. Although the theme of the tasting was “North East Victoria – The hot and cold of it”, they had also obtained stock from the latest release from Canberra-based winery, Clonakilla the amazing 2003 Shiraz Viognier. Amongst the producers featured were Delatite, Bullers Calliope, Castagna, Baileys, Battely and Morris. Although many of the wines were VERY heavy with high alcohol levels, there were also some delightfully balanced and extraordinarily drinkable wines on show. The venue, the Roof Terrace of the Australian Museum at the corner of College and William Street was also excellent. Damo and I had a terrific time.

I had an interview for a job yesterday and to celebrate I bought a new suit and tie. I emailed a photograph to Sue asking for some fashion advice, telling her, Yes, I will wear a belt…. but this is what I’m planning to wear on Friday. I chose a blue shirt because it’s “hands on”… and yellow tie because it’s reflective of my “sunny disposition”. Your thoughts? To which she replied, Hold your stomach in, like the tie – but make sure you tuck the skinny bit into the little holder on the back to keep the two pieces together. Like the suit and the blue suits you. Remember to smile!

The job interview yesterday went reasonably well. I mean, I think I did as well as I possibly could. There were HEAPS of hypotheticals – almost did my brain in. But I have no regrets… if I get it GREAT, but if I don’t it’s because someone else is better, and so I’m philosophical about it. Oh yes… the new suit was great. One of those on the committee joked they’d never seen me so well dressed to which I replied… “oh it’s not for the job interview… I’m going straight to a yuppie bar…” which got a laugh. Hehehe. No, I did, I met Colin for a drink at the new “O Bar” at the Oxford Hotel which has a terrific street frontage, though it’s incredibly noisy late in the afternoon during peak hour.

Tomorrow is reasonably busy. I have a meeting of my art group, Hawkesbury One to attend in the afternoon, which will include lunch at the Museum Of Contemporary Art. And then tomorrow night, Damien and I are going to dinner at our current favourite restaurant, Becasse just down the road in Surry Hills.

Other than that, nothing else to report except that my current favourite song is “World We Live In” by Alcazar.

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