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  • Winifred Atwell’s Grave

    Winifred Atwell’s Grave

    Being home for Easter is an opportunity to catch up with family, both the living and the dead. And today we visited a few cemeteries around the area, including Memorial Garden at South Gundurimba, about fifteen minutes drive from Lismore.… Read the rest

  • Fikar med Nanne

    Fikar med Nanne

    Aside from the excitement of Melodifestivalen, it’s been a weekend for catchups. Thanks to my long-term involvement in the world of ABBA fans, I’ve met some really great people over the years.… Read the rest

  • Gott Nytt År

    Gott Nytt År

    Having previously braved the sometimes drunken crowds at Sydney’s nine pm and midnight fireworks, I’ve concluded it’s sometimes just as good to watch them on a television, which is what Graeme and I did last night.… Read the rest

  • Dancing Queen

    I’ve never really quite got the exercise thing.

    As a child I was never really very good at sport as I struggled with hand-eye co-ordination. I was okay at tennis and hockey, and not bad at orienteering, but generally speaking sporting ability has never been one of my strengths.… Read the rest

  • Meeting Mikey and Melodifestivalen Gallery

    As noted here and here, I enjoyed a terrific weekend catching with some current and former members of ABBAMAIL/Village, and watching Melodifestivalen with an assortment of Swedophiles, friends, and one Swede.… Read the rest

  • Nice Bloke

    Nice Bloke

    Due to my long-term involvement in the “ABBA Fan Community”, I’ve met people from all over the world. Last year for example as I travelled around Europe I met Marco and Sandra in the Netherlands, and caught up with David (France) and Gustav (Sweden).… Read the rest