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  • Christmas Party Season

    It’s Sunday night and I’ve just had dinner, one of those terrific Margherita pizzas from Crust at Surry Hills. It marks the end of a long weekend of fun, with my friend Pat, visiting from Canberra.… Read the rest

  • Smoker’s Delight

    Smoker’s Delight

    It’s Saturday night and I’ve just been for a walk down the street to get some takeaway Indian food. Oddly enough, it’s been quite some time since I’ve walked down Crown Street on a Saturday night.… Read the rest

  • Niche Interests

    Niche Interests

    On Saturday I went to the ABBAMAIL convention, Mad 05 (mini ABBA Day 05), which was great fun. This was about the fourth or fifth ABBA convention that I’ve been to and perhaps the most interesting.… Read the rest

  • Magic Moments

    It’s Thursday night and I’m feeling a bit “hairy”. I’ve been experimenting with a goatee this week, but although people have told me it looks good, I honestly don’t think it works for me, especially as there are a few grey hairs here and there.… Read the rest

  • Saturday Night

    It’s Saturday night and I’ve just watched “Laverne & Shirley” and have enjoyed a plate of antipasto. Yes, that’s what my Saturday night has come to now that “The Bill” is no longer screening on ABC-TV.… Read the rest

  • Pat Visits

    It’s Monday night and I’m still at work. I’ve done all that I needed to do today, but I can’t go home just yet. The problem is the power supply on my computer at home: it’s not working.… Read the rest