Perth Farewell

Amarin Thai Restaurant in Subiaco
Amarin Thai Restaurant in Subiaco
It’s Saturday morning and I’ve been awake for several hours. Just been out for breakfast at my local cafe – the one where I buy a coffee every morning – which was terrific. Not quite a “last supper” but my time in Perth is rapidly coming to a close.

This is particularly so, since it was announced yesterday that, on my return to Sydney I have a new job… it’s the one I went for a few months ago. I’m both pleased and a little in awe at getting the job, since it’s a reasonably big task. But, like my sister, Pat, said last year when I was offered this job in Perth, “they wouldn’t have offered it to you if they thought you’d stuff it up” (or words to that effect).

Yesterday, there was a farewell lunch for me at the Amarin Thai Restaurant in Subiaco. Sitting on the balcony, about 25 or 30 people enjoyed GORGEOUS food and weather.

What a fantastic day with a great group of people. I’ll miss them (but don’t tell them or they’ll all get big heads!).

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