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It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m half-watching Sky News. The Pope is out of hospital, but he’s not looking so good. Labor won the Western Australian election. And Princess Mary and Prince Frederick of Denmark have taken part in a yacht race on Sydney Harbour. They’re on Denton tomorrow night and I was chatting with my friend Sue earlier today about this. Sue hopes we’ll get an answer to the question: when they met at the Slip Inn during the Olympics, at what point did she find out he was a Prince? Was it before or after they snogged.

Seeing them on the news has brought back memories of their wedding last year. At the time it really seemed like love. I remember Fred was almost in tears when Mary walked down the aisle. I also like the fact that Mary is a real commoner, not a pretend commonner. Her family house reveals she comes from an ordinary family. It’s a bit “Muriel-like”. I also thought the Danish royal family seemed quite nice. They appeared to be nice people. There didn’t seem to br a sense of “marrying for the wrong reason”. I thought it was terrific when the Queen kissed Fred on the cheek… can’t imagine QEII doing that.

Aside from a beer here and there with friends and workmates and going to see Hotel Rwana at the movies it was a reasonably quiet week. Work, however, was pretty busy.

I had lunch with Colin yesterday and some of his long-time friends from SUDS, the Sydney University Dramatic Society. It was great fun as they told wonderful stories about life then and now, including tales of Germaine Greer, Robert Hughes and other notables. One of my favourite stories concerned the brief popularity of the topless dress, a fashion trend which to date, has yet to make a comeback. A topless dress, I asked? I was told that for a while in the 60s, the topless dress was all the go and it became fashionable to attend parties in such dresses. The collective memory of going into a room where every woman had their breasts exposed brought back greater laughter and gave me a new insight into a piece of history I knew nothing about.

After that, I came home and rested before heading off to attend Yvette’s birthday which, as has become the custom, featured karaoke. It was an absolute hoot seeing a room full of people dressed as Kylie, Elton John, Pink, The Village People, Bono (I went as Peter Allen) performing karaoke. It was a bit like the English tv show, “Stars In Their Eyes”. A terrific night was had by all.

I haven’t done hardly anything today aside from watching back video coverage of the WA Election which, as usual, was the Kerry and Anthony Show. Opposition leader, Colin Barnett is now on the news saying he’ll resign as Liberal Leader.

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