Cats and Dogs

It’s Sunday night and it’s raining cats and dogs in Sydney. Curiously enough, the weather is in stark contrast to that which I’ve enjoyed in Hobart over the last few days, which has left me with a slight case of sunburn. The last week has been really terrific, having seen an interesting movie, having been to a New Zealand wine show and having visited Tasmania.

Since I last wrote, quite a bit has happened. For example, last Tuesday night, Colin and I went to see The Lawless Heart at Dendy Opera Quays. It was one of those quintessential Sydney moments as I watched the bridge, sipped some wine and ate some cheese ahead of the screening. Gosh it’s nice to be back! The Lawless Heart starts – and then re-starts in a “Sliding Doors” kind of way – at the wake of Stuart, a restauranteur in a small town who is only ever seen on screen through his home movies at the beginning and ending of the film. I spent two thirds of the movie incredibly frustrated, wondering where this was all leading. As my friend, Colin later commented, “I thought for a second we were going to get EVERYONE’s interpretation of what occured after the funeral.” And then, just as I was on the verge of slashing my wrists in frustration, it happened… the purpose for the movie was revealed. It was then I realised this was a film about grief in its many forms. I wouldn’t go out of my way to see this film, but I still think it’s worth seeing… but hang in there, as you may find it frustrating for a while.

And then on Wednesday night, Damien and I went to the “Taste Of New Zealand Wine Fair” at the Four Seasons in Sydney. Curiously enough, since NZ is well known for its sauvignon blanc, most people were avoiding this particular variety, a fact confirmed, with humour, by a number of the wine makers. Unlike the last time that Damo and I went to this fair, there was nothing spectacular, although there were some good wines. The wine fair, however, confirmed that I have expensive tastes!

My favourite was a Seresin Pinot Noir Marlborough 2005 which was excellent… very smooth. I also really enjoyed the te Kairanga Reserve Pinot Noir Martinborough 2003 which, although young, was very tasty. There was only one sparkling that I tasted… the Nautilus Estate Cuvee Marlborough NV Brut… which had a floury taste about it. No, I don’t mean flowery… I mean floury as in the taste of flour. And then of course, we slaw Cloudy Bay. Inspired by the famous quotes about “being over the Cloudy Bay experience”, we approached with some trepidation. Unfortunately for the wine-snob in both of us, Cloudy Bay produces some good wines. A particular favourite was the Cloudy Bay Tekoko Marlborough 2002 which had a slight buttery quality.

And then on Thursday morning I travelled to Hobart. I really loved Hobart.

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